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Industrial AM focused on You. The new era of reinforced composites and services for demanding industrial 3D printing. 

CRP Technology provides selective laser sintering services in Windform, an advanced  range of composites, created in house, to fulfill the most demanding needs of  each and every industry  and a Personalised Manufacturing Service and Advisory.

From Aerospace to Automotive, Motorsport and Sports we are trusted by the world’s leading organizations requiring dedicated support and compliance to specific tolerances. Our rigorous quality system include the mechanical and dimensional product validation.

Our development and service  team counts on skilled, and experienced engineers by industry sector and more than 2 decades of real life expertise in FUNCTIONAL applications for  Motorsport, Automotive, Aerospace, Design, Oil & Gas, Sports and entertainment industries.

The Windform range of reinforced composites has been evolving for 25 years to exceed the most severe requirements and is accredited  by Nasa, Esa and main Formula 1 Teams worldwide. 

Our product groups

Digitizing of components


Powder bed fusion

Optimization of production processes

Production of components and assemblies



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