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Тип Сервисов:Услуги 3D-дизайна или разработка продукта
Адрес:MaCh3D Viale Duca Alessandro 42 43123Parma Italy
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For Additive Manufacturing market players at any stage, and in general for whom transforms daily raw materials into final products, MaCh3D is a Smart Material Testing platform made of (i) an innovative hardware of extermely compact size, (ii) an easy, safer and accurate testing procedure, and (iii) a cloud platform with a centralized dashboard for tests data repository and materials intelligence.

Easier, Safer and Faster Material Testing is today possible directly at manufacturing floor thanks to MaCh3D solution.

MaCh3D Smart Material Testing will empower trust in Additive Manufacturing fostering new applications and accelerating process and materials innovation.

MaCh3D, (r)Evolution in Material Testing.

Товары и услуги:Engineering and part design Optimization services Simulation Research and development (R&D) Material analysis Component and process qualification Production metrology Process monitoring Miscellaneous metrology Try-out and component testing

Тип сделки:Продам

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