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3ntr represents today one of the most consolidated companies in the additives market, on a global scale, thanks to the production of reliable and industrial-grade production systems.We live to produce reliable and durable industrial systems, with two main focuses, the technological trend of the market and the needs of the customer.

The company grows daily thanks to close relationships with customers and partners, and is known worldwide for its ethical behavior and integrity, as well as for the passion that is in the company's DNA and which has helped to evolve the company. family business in a globally structured company.

Our mission is not only to build professional and reliable systems for large and small companies, but to provide the industry with a complete solution to be updated and competitive. 


We do not rewrite the physics of polymers: what we do is build machines to the best of our knowledge on technological development and automation, with customer satisfaction as the primary objective.

We also grow with the feedback from customers who have been using our machine for years. 
Compare the ease of use and output of our systems to anything else available, then decide. 


Hundreds of systems printing around the world. 

We have many customers with different machines installed on the same site and we supply additive manufacturing systems - our customers get an open solution, but they work from the start without requiring user guesswork.

All 3ntr systems are produced in Italy at the Oleggio headquarters, the supply chain is located within a radius of 100 km from our headquarters.3ntr printers are updated daily, their life cycle is 100% more durable than any other FFF-FDM printer.
Our technologies do not push for forced choices and guarantees an intuitive and reliable process.
With 3ntr each user can get closer to the printer by testing non-proprietary or research materials, and thanks to the SSI software, ease of use is guaranteed even for less experienced users.

The goal is to offer the customer a perfect tool with which to produce and prototype with maximum freedom of realization. One of the main and differentiating advantages for 3ntr is to be able to guarantee the opportunity of multimaterial 3D prints, which combine polymers of different types and densities.

The robust and reliable printers work non-stop 24/7, always guaranteeing maximum freedom to control and manage each project. 

You think, 3ntr makes

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Industrial design

Engineering and part design

Research and development (R&D)



Standard parts

Material extrusion


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