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Velo3D is a well-funded advanced technology company, with the intent to disrupt the metal additive manufacturing industry. We build the impossible, and we are looking for talented individuals to help us accomplish our goals.

As an industry, metal additive manufacturing (AM) is experiencing growth rates approaching 90%, and is expected to be worth over $10 billion dollars by 2020. This is not consumer-grade 3D-printing. The metal additive revolution relies on the development of algorithms and software in the fields of computational geometry, machine vision, modeling, control and graphics as well as HW encompassing lasers, optics, metrology and automation.

Velo3D’s advanced end-to-end manufacturing solutions help engineers build the complex, mission-critical parts they need without compromising design, quality, or performance. Our revolutionary metal additive manufacturing solution is used for innovation in aerospace, to enhance transportation efficiency, and to print parts for critical oil & gas applications.


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